Welcome to the Howard Junior High PTO!

Come be a Volunteer at Howard Junior High.
Meetings are held in the Howard cafeteria at 6pm and open to any parents, guardians, or Howard staff. Follow us on Facebook for updates!

For more information, please reach out to any of the following board members:

President: Sharon Boyd
Call or Text: (972) 351-1019

Vice-President: Karen Jenkins
Secretary: Paul Kuhn
Co-Treasurers: Jen Pope & Carmen McBride
PIE coordinator: Amy Ogletree Co-Staff Appreciation: Debbie O’Donnell & Natalin Beugeler
Concessions Coordinator: Carla Williams
Box Tops Coordinator: Vickie Kuhn
Fundraising Coordinator: Emily Pickett
Dance Coordinator: Interested in filling this position? Let us know!